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Happy Halloween Monday Message

This week’s Kids Eat Right message ties in health with the spooky spirit of the season: How to Throw a Healthy Halloween Party!


Despite what you might think, dietitians aren’t insisting you keep the lock on the candy jar. Halloween is one day a year, so everyone should enjoy it! There are ways to make it fun and healthy while still indulging in your favorite candy.

  • Serve healthy snacks first: Let kids fill up on healthy, Halloween-themed snacks first and then bring out the candy. They will be full of nutritious goodness and will consume less candy.
  • Keep control of portions: Serve fun-sized candy bars and mini-muffins, cookies, and brownies for some regulation on how much kids consume. You can also consider having specified “snack times” between Halloween party games and activities rather than letting kids graze throughout the evening.
  • Make your own healthy treats: See examples a little further below!
  • Zombie Tag and other fun games keep kids active: Play Zombie tag where the “it” kid turns those he tags into more Zombies to tag the other kids. Google fun and active Halloween games to play.
  • Limit the leftovers: After the night of fun and fright is over, bag candy and put it in an out-of-sight place to limit consumption. Plus, your candy will last longer! Another fun use for leftover candy is to chop it up and mix it with granola, pretzels, nuts, or seeds and make trail mix to keep the Halloween spirit alive!

Try these fun, Halloween-themed foods!

Halloween Snacks

  • Orange baked sweet potato fries with green “goop” guacamole so your kids can get into the Halloween spirit with healthy Vitamin A and unsaturated fatty acids.
  • Black and orange tortilla chips with hummus, or try the Ghost Chips and Spider Dip featured on the Kids Eat Right website! It’s incredibly healthy and easy!
  • Tortilla roll ups with sun-dried tomato tortillas filled with lean sandwich meat or beans
  • Make your own orange-colored granola bars with chocolate chips, raisins, and nuts! You can control nuts and grains for kids with allergies.
  • Cut up apples and serve with caramel, peanut butter, or a fruit dip made with Greek yogurt, canned pumpkin, and pumpkin pie spice.
  • PUMPKIN FLAVORED ANYTHING!! Use a can of pumpkin puree in your muffins, smoothies, and dips!
  • Popcorn with cinnamon and sugar mixed into the butter
  • Chocolate covered fruit
  • 10 Healthy Halloween Treats
  • Bake raw bread dough into bones and serve with dip or soup! Check it out here!
  • Layer pineapples, mandarin oranges, and whipped cream mixed with greek yogurt for a candy corn-inspired parfait. Check it out here!
  • Babel cheese eyeballs with red food paint and black olives. Check it out here!
  • Orange and black kabobs with cheddar cheese and midnight beauty grapes

Have a happy and healthy Halloween!


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